Door Operators

AT400 Door Operator

Improve the reliability and limit the callbacks associated with your older door operator. The AT400 Operator is a quieter belt-driven operator with closed-loop control and learn run mode for easier setup. Competitively priced, the AT400 is virtually maintenance free, with no linkage to wear and limited moving parts.

If you currently have an Otis 7300AC, 7770A, 7777 (screw operator), Type ‘O’ or QL door operator, there are pre-engineered, direct replacement and generic upgrade kits available.

AT400 Door Operator Rebuild Kits

There are rebuild kits available for Otis 6970A and QL operators. Whether it be seals, gaskets or bearings for the 6970A operator, or linkages and contacts for the QL, UNITEC provides complete rebuild kits.

Glide A Door Operator

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To help identify and find parts for Otis' older operators, UNITEC offers our Door Operator Catalog and Poster.

Door Operator Catalog (part 1)

Door Operator Catalog (part 2)

Door Operator Poster