Door Panels

Looking to replace some door panels?  UNITEC is here to help.  Standard sized replacement door panels are available through UNITEC in as little as 3-5 days.  No matter if you have applied or integral Otis hangers, UNITEC has the solution for you.  Our lead-time options provide an array of opportunities for all jobs.

We can handle custom requests as well - just open the survey in the link below and we'll provide you with a quote.

Need New Elevator Doors?

UNITEC Integral Door Panel Solution Flyer

Door Panel Reference Installation Document

Don't have your panel dimensions yet?

If you do not know your present door panel dimensions, then click on the ‘DOOR PANEL SURVEY’ below, bring it to your field site, fill it out and send it back to UNITEC. (INDICATION must be made if you plan on using your own applied type Door hangers or if you desire UNITEC to quote replacement hangers.) REMEMBER: as we depict in flyers on this sheet, UNITEC has the OTIS Integral to Applied Hanger door panel solution – ready to go for you! In these cases, we will quote the size and type door panel set you need along with the proper Applied door hangers.

Door Panel Survey

Selecting a door panel yourself :

Be sure you understand that UNITEC sells door panels with provision for door hanger mounting to the tops of the doors –(both 3/8” & ½” sliding tapped inserts provided). Ask us to specify hangers separately….or tell us you are re-using your own.

If you are pretty certain your opening type and size are very typical, and especially if your existing car or hall openings carry the Otis design, you very well may be able to select the APPLIED TYPE door panel from our listing by clicking the link below. Take care to match up your dimensions with those shown, and read the guide below So you have all the necessary features and dimensions in hand before your selection.

In order to select a specific, more common size door panel for UNITEC to quote you, you may look at this listing of available STANDARD DOOR PANEL SET OFFERINGS. The SPECIFIC PANEL DIMENSIONS YOU HAVE EXISTING MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE HERE. If that is the case, use the survey form and send in to UNITEC.

Select a Door Panel

Before selecting a standard door panel, please have the following information readily available to choose the panel you need:

  • Opening Type (Standards we offer include: S/S, C/O and 2/SPD S/O)
  • Opening Width
  • Opening Height
  • Panel Height
  • Individual panel width ***
  • Panel thickness

***understand that panel width for a typical opening size may vary by manufacturer. However, UNITEC’s standard panel widths may very well fit and function perfectly fine, even with a slightly smaller existing panel width.

*** Be sure your return has space for the panel selected, or stop bumpers can be adjusted to accommodate the slightly wider standard width panel. (eg. a 22-1/8” wide panel for 42” c/o will almost universally fit and work For a former panel measuring 21-3/4” wide)

In selecting a door panel set yourself, you are acknowledging that the one you selected will fit for your specific application.

All door panels will come with

  • Astragals
  • Sight Guards or Astragal Retainers
  • Door Bottom Guides
  • Door Bottom Retainers
  • Adjustable Slide Channel Top Hanger Mounting Provision
  • For 3/8” or ½” bolts.
  • **No Door Hangers Are Included with any AAA23000F_ p/n

If you require door hangers, contact UNITEC with photos of your existing door locks, tracks, hangers set up for the car and hall side of your installation.

Below are the baked enamel colors available for UNITEC door panels