Tracks and Hangers

Track and Hangers Modernization Package

Our track and hangers modernization package is a new package specifically designed for retrofitting existing tracks and hangers.  The new package has been designed with much more flexibility than traditional tracks and hangers, so the equipment will fit into existing site conditions much more easily.

Door operation is the first thing passengers experience when they ride an elevator,  and by conveying that the elevator is a reliable, safe, high-quality system, their confidence will increase.  UNITEC's Tracks and Hangers provide smooth and quiet door operation, improving reliability by using the highest-quality rollers, cables, door locks and other material in a flexible, straightforward product design.

UNITEC provides very robust track and hanger sets for all sorts of Door Modernization jobs as well as Entrance additions or rust outs. The drawings are provided here for reference for both the CAR & HALL side and for opening types: S/S, C/O & 2-Speed. Most installers are concerned with adapting to existing door tops and existing headers. No one wants to drill if they can help it. So UNITEC in offering these excellent and flexible sets, carries hanger options having various bolt spacing to adapt to both Otis and Non-Otis door tops. Hanger bolt spacing designs which have been manufactured for past jobs (not necessarily all stocked) include the most common for Otis which is 4-5/8”, but also: 4”, 4-1/8”, 3-1/4”, 3-3/4”, 4-1/4”, 4-3/4”, 5”. And the holes/slots can be suited for 3/8” or ½” bolts. You must allow ample lead time for any special hangers to be manufactured. However, you can be assured that we very commonly stock The 4-5/8”, 4-1/8” & 4” bolt spacing door hangers. In addition, do not get hung up on adapting to the header. If it is easy enough to remove the old, why not consider ordering new headers from UNITEC. (see our ‘Otis Integral Header Service Upgrade Solution’ page below). This is especially the case if either you already have Otis 6940 locks, or will be installing Otis 6940 locks. The headers are set up for this equipment. We will stock a number of typical headers, for the typical Otis opening sizes. Headers come pre-punched for the standard size openings (36”, 42”, 48”, 54”). And, these header kits are unhanded so no worrying about correct hand. When applying new UNITEC track and hanger sets, avoid the labor Time and drill bit cost of drilling and applying nutserts/rivnuts. New headers is a no-brainer when any rust is present, or if you want to save the labor.

When speaking with or emailing your UNITEC rep,  always be prepared to provide the following for this and any door system refresh or MOD request for quote:

      • Door opening type(S/S, C/O, 2spd,  2spd-C/O, 3spd, etc)
      • Door opening height
      • Door opening width
      • Existing door hanger and panel type
      • Door opening hand
      • Door panel finish
      • Door top bolt spacing - for existing hanger and if retain doors - UNITEC can help you with new door panels)
      • Quantity of car openings for the job
      • Quantity of hall openings for the job.

Send this information to [email protected]

Otis existing door hanger identification help pictorial

Track & Hanger Modernization Sheet

Otis typical Headers & Tracks Illustrated

Replace 'B' Hangers with MOD track and hanger Flyer

Installation Drawings: Robust MOD Track and Hanger Sets

CAR  C/O track & hanger drawing: AAA24470L-UNITEC

CAR 2-Speed track & hanger drawing: AAA24460B-UNITEC

HALL  S/S track & hanger drawing: AAA23000E-UNITEC 

HALL  C/O track & hanger drawing: AAA23100X-UNITEC 

HALL 2-Speed track & hanger drawing: AAA23050B-UNITEC

Retrofit Hall Header Kits

Service scenarios involving replacement of Otis formed integral header tracks shown below

  1. 1. Rusted formed integral header tracks
    • Replace with the retrofit header, track and hardware set.
    • Consider ordering new door panels and track and hanger sets as well
    • Review the condition of your sill support and struts. If the header is rusted, those items may be as well.
  1. 2. Adding a new entrance or gutting an existing and desiring to replace everything where an offset integral set up was previously
    • Do not order 389P10 hangers
    • You will need to order a modified track and hanger set and a retrofit header and hardware
    • Consider ordering locks with spirators, a folding door restrictor, door return bumpers, a sill support, struts and a sill
  1. 3. Replacing tracks and hangers
    • If you have offset integral hangers, they are welded into the original door panels and will remain with those doors
    • Consider ordering our entrance refresh kits, one per entrance, and replacing the formed integral header tracks with the new retrofit headers and applied tracks per landing. These will work with the offset integral hanger door panels you may choose to retain
  1. 4. If your existing header is an early type with an applied bar track and not formed integral...
    • We can still offer a new header and track retrofit. It is more practical since machining a single piece of bar track gets expensive
    • 5. The retrofit headers and applied track sets with hardware can also be applied to non-Otis entrances, if...
      • There is space available
      • You are prepared to also install Otis tracks, hangers, and locks onto brand new doors