Cab Fans

AAA24720T1 - Individual fan 4.7" X 4.7" square - 112CFM - If quieter, half the flow rate fan is needed, see fan kit AAA24720T6.

AAA24720T9 - Individual fan 1.5" X 4.7" X 4.7" square - 53CFM - Bolt pattern is square 4-1/8" X 4-1/8". Service replacement for AAA24720T4 through T10. If you are installing a completely new fan where none was previously in place before, please order AAA24720T6.

AAA24720T6 - Fan assembly includes AAA24720T9 (fan), AAA24720T2 (leash assembly), and AAA308RJ3 (fan cover box). This fan kit can be purchased at a discount with our Cab Air Purifier

6091AB1 - Fan kit includes  301G1 (fan blade), 6333DE1 (fan motor)