Cab Air Purifier

Cab Air Purifier Flyer

1. Attached to your modified fan equipment, the Cab Air Purifier generates both negative and positive ions

2. The ions attach to viruses, bacteria and other microbes, causing a chemical reaction that degrades them.

3. Harmful pathogenic microbes are neutralized, reducing the spread of airborne infection.

Cab Air Purifier Installation Document

The UNITEC cab air purifier p/n VP-761152 works on 120VAC, must be coupled with an existing fan, and works on just about any cab configuration where the air is blown into the cab rather than exhausted from it. For most newer Otis installations, it is as easy as removing the existing fan assembly, drilling out the rivets holding the fan to the housing and turning the fan around, so it now blows into the cab. Reattach the fan and then attach the ionizer to the fan housing. Wire the device to the existing fan power source and then reinstall the fan to the cab. There is an inline 1/2-amp fuse for the ionizer, so place it for easy access.

Ordering from UNITEC Parts

  • If your elevator has a properly functioning fan with air flow directed inward, or capability of reversing the airflow, order part number VP-761152.
  • If your elevator does not have a fan or needs a new fan, call UNITEC and request the Cab Air Purifier and Fan Set which is part numbers VP-761152 and AAA24720T6 (the 120VAC – single speed cab fan assembly). The set together will be discounted to a price of $1070 USD for both.

Pre-Conditions, Scope of Work

  • The existing elevator cab must have both a 120VAC fan and the airflow directed by that fan from outside to inside the elevator. NOTE: If your existing fan carries a voltage other than 120VAC, there are still options, but contact UNITEC.
  • If your existing elevator does not have a cab fan now, UNITEC can offer a fan, but all wiring, key switch and circuit provision for such newly installed fans must be handled locally by a trained mechanic.
  • If a new fan is added to the existing elevator, or a new fan installed in place of a presently non-functional fan, a 4-inch hole must be present or incorporated in an appropriate location in the cab for the new fan. The airflow direction of the fan must be from outside the elevator to the inside.
  • The new cab air purifier is then mounted to the existing or new fan.

Cab Air Purifier - VP-761152

Reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in your building with this ionic air purification technology and easy installation and operation.

Single Speed Fan Kit - AAA24720T6

This fan assembly could be adapted to just about any cab and only requires a 4 in. hole. When mounting the ionizer to the cover of the fan assembly, space the ionizer 1/2 in. off the cover to allow better airflow across the antennas.