Sheave Identification Survey Form


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    NOTE: Fill out the following information before calling UNITEC back.

    Unitec Account No.
    Company Name:*
    Contact Telephone Number:
    Building Name:
    Building Address:
    Otis Sales/Machine Number:
    Exact position or location of the sheave:
    Sheave Casting Number:
    Distance Between Cross-Head Plates (in.) (if 2:1 or overhead):
    Rope Centerline Diameter (in.) (180 wrap rope center-line-to-center-line:
    Outside Diameter (in.) (rim edge to edge):
    Quantity & Size of Ropes (eg. (5), ½”)
    Number of Grooves:
    Flange Width (in.) (rim width):
    Hub Width (without covers, in.):
    Hub Diameter (in.):
    Bore Diameter (in.):
    Are shaft supports babbitted pillow block now? YesNo
    Are sheave mounts between flat sleet plates? YesNo
    Are sheave mounts on top or underneath the steel channels? YesNo
    Are sheave mounts on top or underneath I-Beam supports? YesNo
    Shaft hold diameter through crosshead plate or channel (in inches or n/a)?

    Instruction: Send this form to UNITEC for help in the part number identification process.