Solid State Starters

Minimize power surges...Protect elevator motors...or Add built-in protection. Solid-state starters from UNITEC will pay for themselves. They provide reverse phase protection and require less maintenance with no contacts to check or change. And for nearly the same price as contactors, the solid-state starter is a win-win for any equipment. Provide us with the motor voltage and horsepower as well as the present type of starting configuration (across the line or wye-delta).

Solid State Starters flyer


Technology has changed. Old ways of starting a motor required several mechanical systems that were noisy and could cause flickering of lights and motor fires. Newer solid-state starter technology eliminates most of these mechanical systems while improving reliability.


With solid-state starters, you can select the proper starting current that is best for your motor, giving you a smoother start and reducing wear. Conventional starters do not allow this flexibility. The solid-state starter has many built-in features that conventional Wye-Delta starters don’t offer.

  • Built-in phase loss detection protects the motor
  • Fewer moving parts means improved reliability
  • Overload protection is more closely monitored with built-in sensing and can detect motor failure
  • Quieter operation – eliminates sound of magnetic contactors and rattling of feeder wires
  • Shorter floor-to-floor times – optimized motor start-up time
  • Reduced downtime
  • No starter contacts to wear out or meld, which could cause a motor fire
  • Phase-loss detection
  • Normal-phase rotation (reverse-phase protection)
  • Fault type LED indicator


Depending on your building’s power demands, conventional elevator motor starters might cause power surges, or “spikes,” in your building’s electrical feeders. These can limit the optimal performance of your computer systems and other equipment. Because the solid state starter doesn’t cause power surges, it reduces the elevator system’s impact on electrical equipment in your building.

Starter Logic Board Product Sheet

UNITEC now offers replacement Starter Logic Boards for when replacing the starter is not an option.

If you are in need of a Solid State Starter Enclosure Cabinet, UNITEC has a pre-engineered cabinet to accept our entire series of Siemens Starters (type AAA21240AD).  The part number to reference is AAA21305BA1.