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Optiguard Shield 2D

Part Number - AAA24591AP402-UNITEC

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Optiguard Shield 3D

Part Number - AAA24591AP403-UNITEC

Escalator Parts
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Our Optiguard ShieldTM Door Protection System uses 154 infrared emitters and detectors to create an invisible safety net across the elevator entrance. It continuously scans for interrupted beams, and will reopen the elevator doors instantly if one is found. Select your Optiguard ShieldTM based on your state's code compliance.  Have peace of mind knowing the Optiguard ShieldTM 2D can be easily upgraded to the 3D by ordering part number AAA24591AP404-UNITEC and adding it to your system.

Optiguard ShieldTM Installation Instructions

Optiguard ShieldTM 2D AAA24591AP402-UNITEC

Optiguard ShieldTM 3D AAA24591AP403-UNITEC

The benefits to this system are:

Investment Protection: infrared beam beams also detect objects approaching, reducing potential damage to the elevator caused by mail carts or other moving equipment.

Enhanced Protection: Offers enhanced protection for passengers, reducing potential injuries.

Code Compliance: Optiguard ShieldTM 2D meets all requirements under ASME A17.1-2016 / CSA B44:16 and prior. Optiguard ShieldTM 3D complies with ASME A17.1-2019 / CSA B44:19 code detection requirements. Both have a universal power supply that works on any elevator.


Part Number - AAA24591AR1

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Panachrome+ 3D

Part Number - AAA24591AR2

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The Panachrome+ is the world’s most complete elevator door detection system. This premium safety edge has red and green indicators to highlight door movement and is available with 3D radar detection, extending passenger protection into the landing zone. This unique system is an effective solution for sites where passenger traffic is high or where additional safety measures are required. This product has been proven to reduce door damage and to limit passenger accidents.

Panachrome+ Installation Instructions

Panachrome+ AAA24591AR1

Panachrome+ 3D AAA24591AR2

Key Features:

  • Colored red/green indicators highlight door movement
  • Built-in display and keypad allow for quicker customization and fault-finding during installation
  • Display and keypad on controller for easy programming
  • Dense infrared 234 beam safety edge
  • Suitable for center opening and side opening doors
  • 0.4” and 1.7” profiles available
  • Compatible with Janus Smart3D Detector
  • Typical applications include hospitals, hotels, and airports