Hydro Mini Mod

Perform a Hydro Mini Mod

Take a look at the below options to consider including in your hydro mini mod. Be sure to click each title to see complete information for each option.

Folding Door Restrictor

UNITEC offers a Low Cost, maintenance-free Evacuation Deterrent Device in the Folding Door Restrictor kit.  The FDR contains no moving parts during normal operation and it meets the requirements of ANSI A17.1 Rule 2.12.5 & Appendix B.  Available for Center Opening, Single Speed and 2-Speed applications with varying entrance heights between 84-inch and 96-inch.

(Field Survey Required - Folding Door Restrictor Survey)

Emergency Return Unit

Eliminates Entrapments with the Loss of Building Power

  • Pre-engineered for Otis 211 Controllers
  • Proven Design and Reliability
  • Easy Installation - 2 to 4 Hours

6940 Door Lock Labor Saver Kits

Get like-new lock without the cost of new locks! Replace only the parts that wear and save time, money and effort. There are just 4 bolts standing between you and an interlock refresh!

6940 Interlock Rebuild Kits

Making the Old - Like New! Rebuild kits are available for Otis 6940 Interlocks of all vintages from 1962 to present. There are full service kits as well as the basic, most economical option.

Hydraulic Power Unit

Modernizing? Looking for a cost effective valve replacement option? UNITEC's Hydraulic Power Units use industry proven components and can ship in as little as 48 hours for shutdown situations.

  • Submersible, self contained, quiet pumps
  • 15 - 50 HP units available
  • 80-, 140-, and 190-Gallon Tanks
  • Victaulic fittings also available
  • Right and Left-hand valve outlets for increased flexibility in installation
  • OSHPD Certified

(Field Survey Required - HPU Survey)

** Accessories also available: Oil Level Magnet, Oil Temp Sensor, Tank Heater, Solid State Starter **

Glide A Door Operator

The Otis Glide A door system significantly reduces the number of moving parts. It uses direct drive belt technology, eliminating linkages and cam mechanisms to minimize the chance that an issue will arise. The system’s high resolution encoder provides exact position data to the closed loop software in order to achieve consistent performance in variable environmental conditions such as wind, temperature and humidity extremes. The Otis Glide A door system uses electronic communication and a permanent magnet motor which eliminates the carbon-brush dust found in traditional DC systems. In addition, the permanent magnet motor is more energy-efficient than operators that use induction motors. Furthermore, the system’s sealed-for-life bearings do not require any lubrication making it cleaner for your elevator and the environment.

Door Panels

Standard sized replacement door panels are available through UNITEC in as little as 3-5 days.  No matter if you have applied or integral Otis hangers, UNITEC has the fix.  Our lead-time options provide an array of opportunities for all jobs.

Contact us about the other door related equipment that we offer, or fill out the Door Panel Survey (required) for a quote today.

Hall Entrance Refresh Kits

These kits only apply to Otis offset integral  hanger hall door systems and Otis 7087 applied (offset cast iron) hall door systems, installed after about 1963 & mostly before 2005. Most Otis hall door systems carried very uniform designs over the years. One indicator is if Otis 6940 locks are present, the likelihood of having either hanger type mentioned above is very high. But please examine the hangers and use our Hall hangers and Tracks ID flyer if need be to help you identify what you have.

To see what the kits contain, click on the link here. To order the kits with a UNITEC Representative, using one p/n per kit, see below.

SINGLE SLIDE HALL –  Pre 2000 hall entrance refresh kit for Otis doors C6178Y410
CENTER OPENING HALL – Pre 2000 hall entrance refresh kit for Otis doors F6178T410
2-SPEED OPENING HALL – Pre 2000 hall entrance refresh kit for Otis doors E6178R410
(2-Spd Aircord Drive angle w/dual pulleys specified separately)

SINGLE SLIDE HALL –  Post 1999 (metric) hall refresh kit for Otis doors C6178Y411
CENTER OPENING HALL – Post 1999 (metric) hall refresh kit for Otis doors F6178T411
2-SPEED OPENING HALL – Post 1999 (metric) hall refresh kit for Otis doors E6178R411
(2-Spd Aircord Drive angle w/dual pulleys specified separately)

Car Side Door Refresh Kits

In keeping with UNITEC’s extremely useful and popular HALL ENTRANCE REFRESH KITS (ERKs) released back in 2013, UNITEC has now released the mating equipment and kits for the CAR side for Otis equipment (CRKs). Otis has had a decent number of varying car fronts over the decades. The new kits UNITEC is offering cover the vast majority of the most common Otis car fronts. UNITEC recognizes it is sometimes a challenge knowing exactly which CAR tracks and hangers and door equipment may be present on the unit you are working. As a help to that challenge, please read through, and plan on bringing to your jobsite the flyer and survey form which outlines a large number of OTIS CAR Track shapes Otis has used. Knowing the track types helps the UNITEC REP define the CAR DOOR System you have in place. This Car Side Track Survey Form can be filled in and checked off as needed and returned to UNITEC for evaluation in helping you decide on the right MOD or REFRESH paths you may choose to take. Some situations WILL REQUIRE A COMPLETE CAR FRONT MOD, for example (see Screw Operator round tubular tracks in the attached). Those systems are no longer supported, but UNITEC has a FIX for that round track challenge.

Please hand your lead mechanic on site the survey form and our Hanger and Track Types Flyer which will very likely allow you to verify the CAR door hanger type present. Rule of thumb for Otis Car systems: if you have 2.5” tall solid bar shape applied tracks, that will almost always by Otis AU hangers systems. Please click on the link below to view the kits available for Otis AU hangers. Second rule of thumb: if your CAR track system carries the formed Integral Car header track, your system is likely post 1976. The track portion of that one-piece roll formed car header construction carries a 2” tall dimension and the offset hangers shown would fit those tracks. For systems in that category, click on one of the links for Offset Integral/389BA_ in the year range that suits your installation. **Special note: the parts within the kits for 1977 to 1999 vs 2000 to 2005 systems appear identical to sight. However, anything on the car side after 1999 carried metric thread on both the hanger rollers and upthrust rollers. Please be certain you are ordering the correct kits for your applications. Imperial (1/2”) shaft thread parts will not properly fit into the hanger holes for the metric design parts.

Tracks & Hangers

The UNITEC Track and Hangers Modernization Package is a new package specifically designed for retrofitting existing tracks and hangers.  The new package has been designed with much more flexibility than traditional tracks and hangers, so the equipment will fit into existing site conditions much more easily.

Door operation is the first thing passengers experience when they ride an elevator,  and by conveying that the elevator is a reliable, safe, high-quality system, their confidence will increase.  UNITEC's Tracks and Hangers provide smooth and quiet door operation, improving reliability by using the highest-quality rollers, cables, door locks and other material in a flexible, straightforward product design.

Roller Guide Rebuild Kits

Our Roller Guide Rebuild Kits cover installations from as early as 1947 to 2000. With these kits, no re-drilling of the car frame or adapter plates is required. Car and Counterweight Roller Guide Kits are available.