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At UNITEC, we offer many products for modernizations, repair and service upgrades.  Some of our featured products include:

Hydraulic Power Unit

Modernizing? Looking for a cost effective valve replacement option? UNITEC's Hydraulic Power Units use industry proven components and can ship in as little as 48 hours for shutdown situations.
  • Submersible, self contained, quiet pumps
  • 15 - 50 HP units available
  • 80-, 140-, and 190-Gallon Tanks
  • Victaulic fittings also available
  • Right and Left-hand valve outlets for increased flexibility in installation
  • OSHPD Certified
(Field Survey Required)

** Accessories also available: Oil Level Magnet, Oil Temp Sensor, Tank Heater, Solid State Starter **

AT400 Door Operator

The AT400 Door Operator is a Closed-Loop, linear belt driven unit.  It is interlock independent with lightweight-feedback control.  The quiet AT400 requires less maintenance than most operators and is available in direct replacement upgrade/retrofit packages to replace many old Otis door operators.  It can be added to our Modernization Packages or just as a replacement for a failing operator.  Our retrofit packages include pre-engineered power supply, control components, car door vane and junction box.

OPTIGUARD Door Protection System

The OPTIGUARD door protection system uses 154 infrared beams, creating a safety net across the elevator entrance.  It continually scans for any interruption of its beams, reopening the doors instantly if one occurs.  This protection device offers maximum protection for passengers, ensuring safe passage through the elevator entrance.

Folding Door Restrictors

UNITEC offers a Low Cost, maintenance-free Evacuation Deterrent Device in the Folding Door Restrictor kit.  The FDR contains no moving parts during normal operation and it meets the requirements of ANSI A17.1 Rule 2.12.5 & Appendix B.  Available for Center Opening, Single Speed and 2-Speed applications with varying entrance heights between 84-inch and 96-inch.

(Field Survey Required)

Solid State Starter

UNITEC offers Solid State Starters at competitive prices.  These starters will reduce the maintenance time on the job, with no contacts to check or change.  They offer motor-overload protection and phase-loss detection.  And by optimizing the motor start-up time, our starters will shorten the floor-to-floor times for your customer’s elevator.  These starters have many built-in features that conventional Wye-Delta starters do not offer.  Auto-sense during startup checks motor lead hookups and will shut down the motor if improperly installed.

**We offer wall mount enclosures as well as Replacement Logic Boards for these starters**

Door Panels

Standard sized replacement door panels are available through UNITEC in as little as 3-5 days.  No matter if you have applied or integral Otis hangers, UNITEC has the fix.  Our lead-time options provide an array of opportunities for all jobs.

Contact us about the other door related equipment that we offer, or fill out the Door Panel Survey (required) for a quote today.

Tracks & Hangers

The UNITEC Track and Hangers Modernization Package is a new package specifically designed for retrofitting existing tracks and hangers.  The new package has been designed with much more flexibility than traditional tracks and hangers, so the equipment will fit into existing site conditions much more easily.

Door operation is the first thing passengers experience when they ride an elevator,  and by conveying that the elevator is a reliable, safe, high-quality system, their confidence will increase.  UNITEC's Tracks and Hangers provide smooth and quiet door operation, improving reliability by using the highest-quality rollers, cables, door locks and other material in a flexible, straightforward product design.


The 6940 Type Interlock is one of the most recognized in the industry. The interlock prevents the opening of car and hoistway doors unless the car is within the landing zone and is either stopped or being stopped. Because the 6940 Type is still so common, UNITEC offers different options for its replacement and/or refurbishment.
  • Complete 6940 Interlocks with or without a spirator are available at low prices.
  • Spare parts are also available to fix as you go.
  • Rebuild kits (both full service and minimum rebuilds) are available as well to provide the essential items required to refurbish existing locks.
  • UNITEC also offers unlocking devices which can be added to any 6940 system.

NEW "RB" Escalator Steps

As the Otis OEM Parts source, UNITEC offers 100% brand new step assemblies for Otis RB & RBC Escalators from 1952-1972.  If you are reubilding a vintage Otis RB escalator, be sure to use only new OEM quality parts.  We offer spare parts for rebuilds, as well as new step assemblies in grey, silver and black.

Be sure to quote UNITEC when refurbishing your RB or RBC escalator.

*For large orders, please call for a delivery lead-time.

Emergency Return Unit

Eliminates Entrapments with the Loss of Building Power
  • Pre-engineered for Otis 211 Controllers
  • Proven Design and Reliability
  • Easy Installation - 2 to 4 Hours

These products, along with many others are featured in our Specialty Products Brochure