Escalator Step Chains

How to Order Step Chain: You need to order one axle for each step on your unit. If you have an odd number of steps, then you will need an offset link.

An 85-step unit would need:

(8) 10-Folds = 80 Axles
(2) 2-Folds   = 4 Axles
(1) Offset     = 1 Axle
                         85 Axles

To specify your step chains, take a look at our Helpful step chain parts identification guideYou will need to know your escalator type, step width and number of steps.

Step Chain Oil:

Part number: VP-419690 Spec #39 1 gallon

Step chain and roller chain oil with tackifying agent - for use on escalator step chains, door operator drive chains, escalator handrail drive chains and selector chains.