Escalator Rebuilds

UNITEC Parts Company is your answer for all OTIS Escalators/Travelators Type R through 508NCE. Our replacement parts allow you the capacity to extend the life expectancy of these units. Call us to rebuild your primary wearing sub-systems: machines, steps, handrail drives, tracks, step chain, guides or combs. We have the records and information to make your rebuild a reality.

UNITEC General Escalator Rebuild Information Flyer

506 Escalaire/Escalator Rebuilds

506  Escalaire Complete Unit Assembly View

Otis 506 type units were almost universally GLASS BALLUSTRADE UNITS. As such, they are interchangeably referred to as 506-Escalaires or 506-Escalators. The 506 units Are NOT the same as 506SL Otis units. Do not attempt to use parts interchangeably. Steps are the same, but check with your UNITEC representative for parts help. 506-Escalaires have the two, belt driven Handrail Drive devices near the top end underneath the balustrade. The handrail drive is driven by a separate chain coming from The Main Drive. 506-Aires used either EC143 machines or 16VEC-RH machines, both of which have now reached well beyond their typical service life, and for which UNITEC carries and offers the EC2-7 Service Replacement Machine solution. See flyers and details within.

UNITEC EC2-7 Escalator Machine Retrofit

 At UNITEC, service excellence describes how we do business. As part of our commitment to provide ongoing support to our installation base, UNITEC is pleased to introduce a machine retrofit solution for Model 506 and 506SL escalators. Proactively planning for a potential shutdown is critical for your business. In cases where Model 506 and 506SL machines are close to reaching their intended lifecycles, UNITEC now offers the EC2-7 escalator machine retrofit package, carrying up to date enhancements, safety features and components.

The Electrical Safety Device Identification Guide - 506

The comprehensive chart attached here identifies the various safety switches or contacts or devices utilized on the 506-Escalaires. The designations shown Will match up with the electrical designation shown on the wiring diagrams for your particular unit. You will have to closely examine both your Wiring Diagram as well as the unit features itself to determine if the particular switches or electrical devices are present. (for example, not all 506 units had the brake lifting function (brake arm switch) or the brake lining wear switches.) Be certain, if you are asking about replacing certain switches or adding them, utilize this handy chart to see if they are found on your Wiring Diagram and if you can reasonable change them out or add them for a MOD.

506 Escalator Rebuild Parts List and Worksheet

If you are considering a major rebuild on one or multiple OTIS 506 Escalaires, please make use of this worksheet. UNITEC has helped numerous customers with rebuilding their 506 units. This worksheet and part listing is about as comprehensive as one needs to get to provide you, our customer with a great sense of the scope of parts and part types involved in performing a comprehensive rebuild on your 506. Start at the jobsite with this worksheet. Review each part of the system with your lead mechanic, and evaluate whether or not you want to keep all these items on the preliminary ‘to be quoted list’ or not. This is a GREAT starting point of the most common replacement components to demonstrate to your building Manager what all is involved and POSSIBLE for their Escalator rebuild. UNITEC will use this worksheet as modified and filled in by you (for qtys and strikes) in order to provide as quick a quote as possible for your rebuild needs.

506 Escalator Rebuild Flyer

 Please use this ‘to-the-point’ informative flyer with the building manager with whom you are working to provide proposals on your 506-Escalaire rebuild. Leave it with your customer. You should be able to point out to your customer and building manager, the various major portions of equipment that MUST be considered for overhaul or replacement at this stage in the lifespan of this ~1990s equipment. Remember, mechanical things bear loads and experience incidents, producing various performance behaviors and changes over 30 years which may be difficult if not impossible to recognize without a very close examination. A good example may be certain track sections in the landing and turn around areas. Sheet metal Escalator tracks are originally robust in design. But after 25-30 years of repeated load bearing and cycling, metal actually can wear thin and wear away…….even with polyurethane rollers running on the sheet metal tracks. Please evaluate the more ‘hidden’ members in your Otis Escalator system, and at least make those part of your comprehensive rebuild quote…… …even if just as an option or adder. UNITEC CAN AND WILL HELP YOU!

510 Escalator Rebuilds

    510 Escalator Complete Unit Assembly View 

    The Electrical Safety Device Identification Guide - 510

    R, RB, RBC Escalator/Escalaire Rebuilds

    RB Escalator Steps Flyer

    Otis 17VEC machine (460V/15HP) – rebuilds and core exchange


    Escalator Handrails Survey