Tracks and Hangers

The UNITEC Track and Hangers Modernization Package is a new package specifically designed for retrofitting existing tracks and hangers.  The new package has been designed with much more flexibility than traditional tracks and hangers, so the equipment will fit into existing site conditions much more easily.

Door operation is the first thing passengers experience when they ride an elevator,  and by conveying that the elevator is a reliable, safe, high-quality system, their confidence will increase.  UNITEC's Tracks and Hangers provide smooth and quiet door operation, improving reliability by using the highest-quality rollers, cables, door locks and other material in a flexible, straightforward product design.

Track & Hanger Modernization Sheet

Otis typical Headers & Tracks Illustrated

Track & Hangers

Installation Drawings: Robust MOD Track and Hanger Sets

CAR  C/O track & hanger drawing: AAA24470L-UNITEC

HALL  C/O track & hanger drawing: AAA23100X-UNITEC 

HALL  S/S track & hanger drawing: AAA23000E-UNITEC 


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