Folding Door Restrictors

Elevator codes in virtually all states in the U.S. require evacuation deterrent devices on elevators. Door restrictors are devices that prevent passengers from opening the elevator doors if the elevator stops between floors. Tragic accidents can occur when passengers attempt to exit the car and leap to the landing. The safest place for passengers to be is in the elevator until trained personnel arrive to remove them.

Installation of door restrictors improves passenger safety. Door restrictors force passengers to stay in the elevator car in an entrapment situation. They can save lives.

UNITEC offers a Low Cost, maintenance-free Evacuation Deterrent Device in the Folding Door Restrictor kit.  The FDR contains no moving parts during normal operation and it meets the requirements of ANSI A17.1 Rule 2.12.5 & Appendix B.  Available for Center-Opening, Single- Speed and 2-Speed applications with varying entrance heights between 84-inch and 96-inch.

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