AT400 Door Operator

The AT400 Door Operator is a Closed-Loop, linear belt driven unit.  It is interlock independent with lightweight-feedback control.  The quiet AT400 requires less maintenance than most operators and is available in direct replacement upgrade/retrofit packages to replace many old Otis door operators.  It can be added to our Modernization Packages or just as a replacement for a failing operator.  Our retrofit packages include pre-engineered power supply, control components, car door vane and junction box.

AT400 Door Operator Product Sheet

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Car or hall door systems in need of a refresh or upgrade? Take a look at our door systems offerings here as well as our entrance refresh and labor saver kits here . You can check off any items you would like to be quoted with your AT400 survey.

If you currently have an Otis 7300AC, 7770A, 7777 (screw operator), Type 'O' or QL door operator, there are pre-engineered, direct replacement and generic upgrade kits available.

AT400 - 7300/7777 Operator Conversion

The following documents are the Installation document for UNITEC's AT400 retrofit packages.

7300/7777/Generic Retrofit Install Document

7770A Retrofit Install Document

AT400 Helpful Hints Guide