6940 Interlocks

The 6940 Type Interlock is one of the most recognized in the industry.  The interlock prevents the opening of car and hoistway doors unless the car is within the landing zone and is either stopped or being stopped.  Because the 6940 Type is still so common, UNITEC offers different options for its replacement and/or refurbishment.

  • Complete 6940 Interlocks with or without a spirator are available at low prices.
  • Spare parts are also available to fix as you go.
  • Save money on labor by purchasing one of our 6940 labor saver kits.
  • Rebuild kits (both full service and minimum rebuilds) are available as well to provide the essential items required to refurbish existing locks. 
  • UNITEC also offers unlocking devices which can be added to any 6940 system.
Complete 6940 Interlock sets

Complete sets with or without reel closers are available, as are replacement assemblies. Adaptor plates are also available (separately) to help adapt newer version 6940 Interlocks to the earlier vintage lock bolt pattern.

6940 Door Lock Labor Saver Kit

Get like-new lock without the cost of new locks! Replace only the parts that wear and save time, money and effort. There are just 4 bolts standing between you and an interlock refresh!

6940 Interlock Rebuild Kits

Making the Old - Like New! Rebuild kits are available for Otis 6940 Interlocks of all vintages from 1962 to present. There are full service kits as well as the basic, most economical option.

Unlocking Devices

When installing 6940 Interlocks on floors where they were not present previously, you may be required to add an additional unlocking device.  We have kits for both standard 7-foot entrances as well as high 8-foot openings.

Shorting Bar Related Items

UNITEC is beginning to introduce a database of "related items" for some of our parts.  The first item is the 306FM1 shorting bar for the 6940 Interlock latch.  Here you may find other items that you need, related to this.

Interlock Catalog

Our Interlock catalog has a picture index at the beginning of it, which can be very helpful in identifying the type of Interlock on the job. You can find many of these items in our Parts Warehouse.

Other locks? No problem.

You can rebuild you OVL and NG locks with one of our rebuild kits.