Mod Related Products

At UNITEC, we offer our customers some of the most efficient and reliable modernization products on the market.  We have short lead-times, competitive prices and can provide package discounts to suit your project needs.

Our Hydraulic Power Unit is a compact unit which has proven to be quiet and reliable.

The AT400 Door Operator is a linear, belt driven operator that requires no programming or service tool.

UNITEC's Folding Door Restrictor is maintenance free and easy to install.

We offer Siemens Solid State Starters at the industries lowest prices.

We offer varying lead-times for our Door Panels, ranging from 3-5 days to 7-8 weeks.

We can also provide Door System upgrade packages including new interlocks, tracks and hangers.

Interested in a hydro mini mod? We've got you covered, take a look at what we can offer you here.

No matter the scope, UNITEC can assist in specifying your next modernization project.

6940 Door Lock Labor Saver Kit

Hall Entrance Refresh Kits-Center Opening

Hall Entrance Refresh Kits- 2 Spd & Single Slide Opening

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