Brake Shoe Relining: Green Gripper Bonding

These COMMON OTIS GEARLESS machines in the least – would fall under the listing of machines which require Otis Green Gripper Brake lining.

These linings cannot be applied or changed out in the field by field personnel. Brake lining change out and application must be performed in a controlled shop environment with specific Otis practices to ensure lining and shoe integrity.

10:18 series
12:20 series
14:23 series
17:26 series
17:33 series
18:30 series
18:33 series
74, 74A,B,D
77, 77A
78, 79, 84, 84A, 874 & 90
30T, 40T, 70T, 100T

The STRAIGHT reline service – Send in your used/worn Gearless Machine brake shoes – and UNITEC will handle the reline for you. This is the least costly path but this path also entails leaving a machine down for at least one week to 2 weeks while you wait for the freight up, reline work and freight back. Call UNITEC and we’ll quote you a cost to reline a pair of shoes. Provide a photo of your machine data tag, a casting number off the Brake Shoes/Arms you desire to be relined, and your Otis Sales #.

CANADA CUSTOMERS: we have a partner shop in Canada to which brake shoes from any Canadian office may be sent. This will cut down on the cost and lead time to get this done. Please ask UNITEC about how to go about placing an order for the RELINE SERVICE for machines in CANADA.

Outright buy of new shoes – This may not be a bad option, though more costly, if you have a large MOD job going on, and you desire to begin a reasonable cycle-in process. Purchasing one new set of shoes allows you to install a completely reliable and new set of shoes on your first machine, which then permits the removal of the old shoes and subsequent return to UNITEC for the reline process….for subsequent use on the 2nd machine. However, depending on the machine type, there sometimes will be an initial Lead Time to obtain a new set of brake shoes. But once you begin the process, you then have a core set with which to perform the cycling process of relining.

Exchange Service – Which is the intermediate cost option. Not available in all situations, especially for much older machines where there are NO CORE SHOES (from say a 1920-30s vintage unit) to draw from on the shelf here at UNITEC. Ask UNITEC and we’ll research your options. The initial cost here, if we have a core set to ship out, involves paying full price for the brake shoe set as if you were buying them new, and then obtaining a core credit to your account after you have returned the old shoes and after they have been deemed repairable/re-linable.

Provide a photo of your machine data tag, a casting number off the Brake Shoes/Arms you desire to be relined, and your Otis Sales #.