Wiring Diagrams & Layouts

UNITEC offers both Otis and Esco original contract wiring diagrams and layouts. Our OTIS documents and archives go back to early 1900’s

When requesting a wiring diagram be sure to provide your wiring diagram number, this number is located at the bottom of your controller data tag.

When requesting a layout be sure to provide your sales or job number which is located near the top of your controller data tag, be careful not to confuse the sales number with the serial number. UNITEC does not use the serial number. The sales number can also be found on the crosshead.

Wiring Diagrams and Layouts Product Sheet

Wiring Diagram Protector Document

Please note the documents provided by UNITEC in connection with wiring diagrams and layouts reflect the intended conditions of the equipment at the time of installation. Actual current conditions may not be reflected in these documents due to changes that occurred at the time of installation and/or during subsequent modifications. UNITEC shall not be responsible and you shall hold UNITEC harmless and indemnify us fully against any and all claims for damages to person (including loss of life) and property arising out of or related to alterations to the equipment not reflected in these documents