Sheave Liners

Stop worrying about traction issues and bring your unit back to OEM specifications.  UNITEC's sheave liners are engineered by Otis to improve traction.  Use the product sheet below to determine the sheave liners for your job.

All Sheave Liners sold by UNITEC are joined (endless ring) and come without the chain link. Only machines with Otis Sheave Liners in place already can be serviced with the latest new Sheave Liners provided by UNITEC. (Note: Lang Lay rope is the current recommendation for use with Otis Sheave liners)

The following information is essential for quoting the correct sheave liner:

  • Rope Diameter
  • Sheave Diameter
  • Smooth or Treaded liners
  • Machine Type
  • Quantity of liners needed

Sheave Liners Product Sheet