Hydraulic Elevator Equipment

Modernizing? Looking for a cost effective valve replacement option? UNITEC's Hydraulic Power Units use industry proven components.

  • Submersible, self contained, quiet pumps
  • 15 - 50 HP units available (3-Phase Power Only)
  • 80-, 140-, and 190-Gallon Tanks
  • Victaulic fittings also available
  • Right and Left-hand valve outlets for increased flexibility in installation
  • OSHPD Certified

** Accessories also available: Oil Level Magnet, Oil Temp Sensor, Tank Heater, Solid State Starter **

Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Specialty Products

Hydro Power Unit Product Sheet

HPU Survey

HPU Sensor Tree Adjustment Document UT-ID 6.3.0-500 

Solid State Starter Installation-LRS,LRV,LHM(UT-ID 1.1.0-8)

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