Hydraulic Elevator Equipment

Modernizing? Looking for a cost effective valve replacement option? UNITEC's Hydraulic Power Units use industry proven components.

  • Submersible, self contained, quiet pumps
  • 15 - 50 HP units available (3-Phase Power Only)
  • 80-, 140-, and 190-Gallon Tanks
  • Victaulic fittings also available
  • Right and Left-hand valve outlets for increased flexibility in installation
  • OSHPD Certified

** Accessories also available: Oil Level Magnet, Oil Temp Sensor, Tank Heater, Solid State Starter **

HPU Survey


Improve the performance and reliability of your hydraulic elevator by replacing your pump unit with a new power unit.


A new power unit provides improved reliability, reducing shutdowns. The new valve provides consistent oil flow, improving floor-to-floor times and leveling and the submerged design operates more efficiently and reduces the potential for external oil leaks.


The new power unit consists of a positive displacement pump, motor, integral 4-coil control valve, oil tank and muffler.

The pump and motor are submerged and mounted to the tank with rubber isolators to reduce vibration and noise. The valve consists of up, up-leveling, down and down-leveling controls that allow for a smooth operation and accurate floor leveling. A muffler is provided to dissipate pulsations and noise from the flow of hydraulic fluid.

Custom Hydraulic Package

Hydraulic Specialty Products

HPU Sensor Tree Adjustment Document UT-ID 6.3.0-500 

Solid State Starter Installation-LRS,LRV,LHM(UT-ID 1.1.0-8)

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