UNITEC offers a complete line of standard fixtures.  We have new car operating panels, hall stations, lanterns and PI's to fit almost any job.

Our wide array of fixture components include both standard and custom buttons, keyswitches and other spare parts for Otis fixtures.  You can find various replacement parts in our Fixtures (General) Catalog.  Parts for Otis Lanterns and PI's can be found in the Lanterns & Position Indicators Catalog.  And buttons in the Pushbuttons Catalog.

If you are in need of a quick visual reference, take a look at our Fixtures Poster.

Fishtail Braille Plates

Our fishtail braille plates, below, comes in metal (AAA250K1-) or plastic (AAA250R1-).

Ordering instructions :

Plastic graphic insert example

Request the base number AAA250R1- and the alphanumeric for the desired insert markings. The variations of the markings are determined by the suffix.

AAA250R1-UPARROW = a black plastic insert with a white up-pointing arrow
AAA250R1-IPHONE2 = a black plastic insert with a phone icon

Metal graphic insert example

The part numbers are arranged in one of the following two patterns:
AAA250K1—(Suffix indicating marking)
AAA250K1—(Suffix indicating the material/finish & marking)

AAA250K1-UPARROW = a black metal insert with a white up-pointing arrow
AAA250K1-SS4-DNARROW = a black metal insert with a brushed stainless steel finish and down-pointing arrow.

NOTE: Suffixes with no mention of SS4 or BR7 designations will be the black insert with white characters.

7069BF Type Buttons

See Pushbuttons Catalog pages 110 through 117 for more information.

When it comes to modernization projects or just a quick fixtures upgrade for a unit, take a look at what we offer.

ANSI Flame Inserts

Custom Buttons

Series 5 Bezel Flyer

Specialty Products Brochure

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