The UNITEC Drive repair program is more than just a repair, we provide an entire refresh!

Take a look below for a list of how we will refresh your drive

  1. Your drive will be completely disassembled and cleaned.
  2. PC boards are inspected, upgraded (if needed) and independently static tested.
  3. Components such as bulk capacitors and relays are inspected and replaced, even if they have not failed. These are  preventative step to ensure an extended life.
  4. The entire drive is re-assembled and dynamically tested (with LOAD) on a simulator.

The  drive refresh program was designed and implemented by Otis Engineers at the Otis Service Center.

Save time and labor while replacing with original OTIS OEM parts to keep your drive functioning safely. For over 30 years we have been committed to delivering the necessary replacement parts you need. We continue to exceed expectations by meeting your requirements while offering exceptional customer service, competitive pricing and quality OEM parts.